Alex Cunningham

Senior Advisor, Global Social Investment, Chevron
San Ramon, California, USA

Alex Cunningham started his career in Silicon Valley in the early dot com days working in various roles in Web/IT. He originally came to Chevron in 2006 to manage their Web Team but soon moved into Corporate Affairs to lead employee community engagement and volunteerism, including the advancement and global scalability of Chevron Humankind. In 2016, he began managing Chevron’s global health social investment portfolio and is now helping lead the development of an integrated health strategy for the company, as well as championing a strategic shift to the company’s overall approach to corporate responsibility. Alex Cunningham’s interest in shaping the future of corporate citizenship stems from his belief that companies have a unique opportunity to bring together diverse groups of people and engage them around common goals. Corporate cultures, if designed mindfully, can ultimately break down biases and shape relationships inside and outside the company; influencing the way people build empathy for each other and inspiring positive change in the world.