Our Vision

Solving the unsolvable.


Our vision is to solve the unsolvable problems facing corporate citizenship — the most intractable, systemic problems. We want to create a powerful movement of volunteers working in communities across the world, to help us ask and answer questions bigger than any one company, organization, or issue.

To do so, the RW Institute brings together concerned parties, organizations, and companies to work towards the removal of barriers to corporate volunteering through stakeholder tables, research, and training.

Stakeholder Tables

Stakeholder tables are a way for people to come together and start exploring challenges that inhibit corporate citizenship and corporate volunteering, such as limited resources, issues of scale, limited data, or inconsistent global policy and legislative frameworks.  A stakeholder table could explore an area of research or policy, or even start a project together. Learn more about stakeholder tables.


The RWI Faculty advance our collective understanding through interdisciplinary research in employee volunteering and workplace giving. The RW Institute provides a forum for this multidisciplinary and global group of researchers to explore common ground and directly connect academics not only with CSR managers who are responsible for implementing and managing employee volunteering and giving programs within the private sector, but also with stakeholders across other sectors of society. Learn more about our research program.


The RW Institute offers various types of training for employees and practitioners in corporate citizenship. For example, we offer practical help for employees who are looking to mobilize their colleagues on the ground in communities where they live and work. Learn more about the training we offer.

RWI is comprised of stakeholders committed to removing existing barriers and promoting the practice and theory of corporate citizenship through a Transformative Approach.