Learn to create transformational volunteer experiences


The RW Institute offers specialized Regional Trainings to practitioners and employees alike.

Too often, volunteerism is conducted as a transaction where one party provides a service and the other party is a beneficiary. RWI seeks to break that transactional relationship by creating an understanding that volunteering can change human beings in a powerful and positive way. Volunteer leaders who are taught to grow empathy and understanding in themselves and in others are doing much more than delivering a service – they are helping other volunteers to recognize their own compassion, and realize their role in making the world a better place through meaningful human connection and social good.

With training from RWI, you will learn how to facilitate volunteer projects that help participants gain new perspective and consider the significance and power of their role in creating change for a cause and for beneficiaries.


RWI supports in-person and online training for individuals who are leading employee volunteering programs.


In-person trainings include:

Regional Volunteer Champion Trainings

  • Regionally based live training events

  • Volunteer Champions from multiple companies come together for two days of highly experiential learning

Trainer Trainings (Train the Trainer)

  • Regionally based live training

  • Available to anyone who has completed the basic Volunteer Champion Training and has been selected by their organization as a candidate to train colleagues in the Transformative Volunteering approach

Practitioner Cohort Trainings.

  • For those leading employee giving and volunteering programs at their company

  • A six month course including live sessions and monthly cohort learning calls


Empathy in Motion (Online Course)

Empathy in Motion is a free, entry-level online course designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to transform the corporate and employee volunteer experience and empower a global workforce to tackle some of our biggest social and economic challenges.

“I feel enthusiastic about this course, and I am grateful for the very good selection of material and composition of the content as well as for the great presentation in the videos and the well-structured slides.”

— Course participant


Voyager (Online Course)

Voyager is an interactive online volunteer training and certification program designed for corporate employee volunteers, nonprofit practitioners and their volunteer membership, and people who are passionate about volunteering. The program helps employee volunteers achieve real community impact through training that helps them become even more effective, engaging volunteer leaders. The certification is a way to recognize and elevate the passion and dedication that employees show for volunteering, and to create a shared understanding of volunteering at your company.

“This was a wonderful course. It was an eye opener. I am an enthusiastic volunteer at my organisation, and I lead one initiative. This course will help me to reorganise the initiative better.”

— Course participant


What’s the difference between Empathy in Motion and Voyager?

  • Empathy in Motion is a completely free beginner-level course

  • Voyager is a paid program, resulting in a recognized certification that showcases your knowledge.

  • Voyager includes a global community of like-minded people and access to online discussion forums. 

  • Voyager trainings are supplemented by knowledge-testing assignments, guides, and checklists.