Empathy In Motion: The Power of Employee Volunteering

 A free, entry-level online course offering a meaningful and impactful approach to take employee volunteering to the next level. 

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Volunteerism is often conducted as a transaction where one party provides a service, and where the other party is a beneficiary of that service. 

Empathy in Motion breaks the boundaries of this transactional relationship by building on the work of volunteer leaders, such as running impactful events and campaigns, with an understanding that volunteering can change human beings in a powerful and positive way. Volunteer leaders who are taught to grow empathy and understanding in themselves and in others are doing much more than delivering a service – they are helping others recognize their own compassion, and that they, too, have a role to play in making the world a better place through meaningful human connection and social good. 

I liked the contents and additional materials you have shared. Surely, the course motivates people, willing to participate in volunteering. I hope SAP continues to lead CSR worldwide.
— Course Participant
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Empathy in Motion is a free, entry-level two-part course open to everyone. It is especially recommended to individuals interested in social psychology and human motivation, involved with company volunteering programs, volunteers, and corporate social responsibility practitioners or to those working in the social responsibility field. 

The course highlights how employees and companies can transform the volunteer experience, empowering global workforces to tackle some of our biggest social and economic challenges. 

Based on an online lecture model, instruction is accompanied by supporting materials, such as downloadable slides and transcripts.

I feel enthusiastic about this course, and I am grateful for the very good selection of material and composition of the content as well as for the great presentation in the videos and the well-structured slides.
— Course participant
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 PART 1: Changing Hearts and Minds

  1. What’s So Great About Volunteering? 
  2. Why Does Volunteering Make Me Feel Good? 
  3. How Humans Have Evolved to Help 
  4. Understanding Human Motivation 
  5. The Journey of the Volunteer 
  6. Transactional vs. Transformative Volunteering 

PART 2: Leading the Change

  1. Why Do Companies Volunteer? 
  2. Creating Space for Transformation 
  3. Framing the Volunteer Experience 
  4. Volunteering as Leadership Development 
  5. Hacks for Managing Events 
  6. Was it All Worth It? Measuring Impact