Stakeholder table

The Public Policy and CSR Stakeholder Table.


The RW Institute (RWI) is undertaking innovative effort to understand and develop solutions to bridge the gap between employee volunteering and long-term, policy-focused systems change will help corporate social responsibility (CSR) leaders across the world begin to see their work as capable of making change at the policy level, and will provide them with the information and tools to begin pursuing strategies aimed at policy levers.

The Public Policy and CSR Stakeholder Table is the first-step in the longer-term and broader-scale efforts to amplify the impact of CSR on issues such as education, housing, clean energy, healthcare, infrastructure and transportation. The planning phase for which we are requesting support will catalyze long-term efforts to:

  • Develop a clear analysis of how CSR can affect policy, both in the U.S. and internationally, including identifying legal and cultural barriers to the achievement of this goal and action steps to overcoming those barriers.
  • Inform and inspire CSR leaders to see the potential of CSR as a policy lever
  • Train CSR leaders on how to effectively connect their company’s programs to policy-change efforts

The goal of the Public Policy and CSR Stakeholder Table is to help the sector develop a concrete understanding of how CSR-policy linkages might work in practice, as well as begin to design action plans for putting them into place and communicating them to the public. This will create a self-fulfilling cycle: as potential volunteers, motivated by the opportunity to make systems changes, become engaged in policy issues resulting from experiences as volunteers, then the impact of their work will increase, which will in turn motivate still greater rates of participation. The net result will be not only a more robust and impactful CSR sector, but meaningful change on some of the most pressing and current defining challenges.

This work, when fully realized, has the potential to bring the efforts of millions of professionals across the globe and the resources to bear in creating sustainable solutions to challenges that require a mass response.


The Public Policy and CSR Stakeholder Table, as a sustained investment of time and resources focused on transforming CSR into a tool for systems change, will be a major innovation.