Stakeholder Tables


Solving our problems

Multi-sector collaborations with shared goals that promote the practice and theory of corporate citizenship.


Stakeholder Tables:  Project| Practice | Research

RWI Stakeholders are invited to initiate Stakeholder Tables that work towards the removal of barriers to corporate volunteering and community investment such as; a) limited resources, b) issues of scale, c) inconsistent global policy and legislative frameworks, and c) limited data to gain buy in and commitments from senior and mid-level managers. Stakeholder Tables typically represent multiple social sectors and form around the themes of practice, projects and research, allowing for collaboration towards shared goals that promote the practice and theory of corporate volunteering on a global scale.

There are three distinct ‘Tables’ that may be initiated by participating Stakeholders:

Project Tables – These tables typically result in stand-alone initiatives that form to achieve a unique goal (such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which resulted in the formation of IMPACT 2030). Project Tables may generate out of both Practice and Research Tables.

Practice Tables – This category is intended to address any issue that may be a barrier to the practice of employee giving and volunteering.

Research Tables – At the request of participating entities, Tables may form to research particular aspects of employee engagement in Corporate Citizenship programs. Research Tables are intended to be inclusive of a broad array of disciplines affecting the prosocial behavior of employees as well as the resulting effects of such behavior.