Support the movement.

The RW Institute is a nonprofit think tank for anyone who wants to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate citizenship in their communities and around the world.


Become an Influencer

Companies, individuals, or organizations who contribute $50,000 USD or more. Influencers receive the following benefits:

  • For up to three NGO partners of the Influencer:
    •   10 complimentary registrations (per each NGO parther) for the RWI Voyager program ($2000 x 3 = $6000 in value)
    •   A one 6 hour design session to help adopt the Transformative Approach to volunteering ($10,000 x 3 = $30,000 in value)
  • Up to 30 Voyager program registrations for the company or organization employees ($6,000 in value)
  • One registration to the Influencer Summit ($5,000 in value)
  • The option to invite Chris Jarvis to keynote an event with no speakers fee (travel would be covered by Influencer)  ($8,000 in value)
  • An invitation to join up to 3 stakeholder tables
  • The RWI newsletter
  • Access to RWI network though regular conference calls and mailings
  • Option to join the RWI speakers bureau and receive invitations to multiple conference venues to present on RWI topics and ares of interest.

Become a Supporter

Companies, individuals, or organizations who contribute $10,000 USD or more. Supporters receive the following benefits

  • Five complimentary registrations to Voyager program ($1,000 in value)
  • The RWI newsletter
  • An invitation to RWI Influencer Summit
  • Access to RWI network




Become a Volunteer

Individuals who want to give their time and expertise are welcome to join the Institute.  We have the following opportunities:

  • Fellowships for lawyers
  • Fellowships for academics
  • Skill-based volunteering opportunities