RWI Voyager looks at what motivates acts of compassion toward others, as well as how empathy has evolved in human beings. The program equips community organizers to activate social change for the greater good, and provides practical instruction on how to facilitate transformation through volunteerism, with a special focus on creating meaningful individual volunteer experience. Participants are trained to:

  • Plan and facilitate Transformative Volunteering projects
  • Recognize and guide volunteers with different levels of experience
  • Encourage self-reflection and dialogue about the volunteering process
  • Connect volunteers with why and for whom the work matters
  • Partner effectively with nonprofit organizations, and break down the barriers between nonprofits and corporations
  • Track and measure volunteer impact


In Transformative Volunteering, employee volunteers manage volunteer projects in a way that makes it possible for participants to understand the meaning behind their impact.

Transformative Volunteering focuses on the change that can happen to the volunteer when they exhibit helping behavior, and the social, economic and cultural barriers that are broken down through the act of volunteering. Volunteer leaders trained in the Transformative Volunteering method facilitate volunteer projects that help participants gain new perspective: participants are guided to consider the significance and power of their role in creating change for a cause and for beneficiaries.