Shaping the future of  corporate citizenship


Practical instruction on how to drive meaningful, impactful volunteer experiences.

Increase your leadership effectiveness during volunteer projects to keep volunteers coming back because they understand the significance and power of volunteering.


Current initiatives


Stakeholder Tables

RWI Stakeholders are invited to initiate stakeholder tables that work towards the removal of barriers to effective corporate citizenship. Stakeholder Tables typically represent multiple social sectors and form around the themes of practice, projects and research, allowing for collaboration towards shared goals that promote the practice and theory of corporate citizenship on a global scale.

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The Voyager Program

The Voyager program provides an experiential learning environment where participants learn how to use the Transformative Approach in volunteering. Each module of the program includes a self-study section, including reflective and thought-provoking questions, accompanied by interactive group learning experiences. This formative, interactive and practical approach to learning is intended to equip you with everything you need to provide truly transformative volunteering experiences.

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Influencers are individuals or organizations willing to formally partner with RWI and invest in the vision and work of the institute. RWI Influencers work together to consider how best to use collected funds and resources to achieve the objectives of the Institute.

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Empathy In Motion

“Empathy in Motion: The Power of Employee Volunteering” is a free, open online course presented by RW Institute and hosted by openSAP. The course offers the theory and practice that can help you take volunteering to the next level, whether your company has established volunteering processes and structures or is just beginning to organize and drive volunteering initiatives.

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influencers and supporters

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